Arataki ICT Cluster - Professional Development (My Playground)


Arataki means "to lead"
  • As educators we look to lead our students into the 21st Century equipped with the technological tools and skills to fulfill their potential.
  • In order to achieve this we need to feel confident in identifying and using ICT strategies and skills that can be best implemented in pedagogical practice.

MOE Contract

We have a 3 year contract with the New Zealand Ministry of Education to provide the skills and opportunities for teachers and students in our 4 cluster schools to learn through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).


The intended outcomes of the programme are:
  • increased understanding by teachers, principals, students, and school communities of the educational benefits of ICT
  • increased capability of teachers and principals to use ICT for their own professional learning
  • increased capability of teachers and principals to use ICT to facilitate improvements in students' learning and achievement
  • strengthened professional learning communities and increased collaboration within and across schools
  • a developing rich resource of expertise, experience, and materials in effective ICT use at a local and national level


Our aim is to develop a cluster-wide approach to professional development activities that reflect our unique features. As a cluster we will develop and share resources and material, showing effective practice in the use of ICT in teaching and learning. This material will be shared locally and nationally and through online environments.