Digital Storytelling within an e-Portfolio 24/2/2010

Presented by Ian Fox & Lenva Shearing - Bucklands Beach

What can e-Portfolio allow?
  • Allows student's voice to be heard
  • Not just to show outcomes of learning which can be very limiting
  • Way of showing learning journey
  • engage students in their learning
  • how outcome was reached
  • learning journeys
  • learning journal
  • formative assessment
  • reflective statements

Ian shared some examples of e-portfolios - explained how:
Key Competencies can be built in
The technology DOES NOT have to be complicated (able to use inbuilt computer tool such as camera & microphone) - able to use still photos/video
Can be used for ALL curriculum areas - do we need test - can just look at e-Portfolio
(e.g science learning objectives - features such as controlled variables, process, outcomes)

Lenva demonstrated the Creation of Digital Stories
(Set out is a rather linear but does show tools available - have also added links to sites)

Online tools
Interactive Posters

Creating a Digital Story
  • Write the script
  • Storyboard
  • Collect images - photos, images from internet, jpeg's
  • Record the script - Garageband, audacity, ezispeak, [audiorecorder (google mac app)]
  • Match the images
  • Publish
Lenva has created a Wiki that explains above process:
howtovoicethread - wikispaces - resource to setting up voicethread - explained
Voicethread ( sign up for this as educator)
Helen Barrett -
Helen Barrett
Cool Tools - Wiki set up by Lenva - audio, video, ect tools & resources
cooltoolsforschools -
Ning - Remote Storage of data -place to get stories - social networking site - create groups with - class has account - students have account
PEOPLE are NOT invited - purely for class use
has embed code to place in Wikis, etc

Technology used to support learning process