Blogging as a Reflective Medium

I have created a blog as a reflective diary - place to record what I've done and my thoughts.

I am still exploring the set up of this but the aim is to have a place where I can chart my journey through the ICTPD contract.

We all do a lot of incidental learning that perhaps does not get recorded or even seen as learning. Simple tasks such as how to
log on to a school server, download digital images, create folders, etc.
It is easy for us to forget what we didn't know as we acquire knowledge and become more competent.

In respect the the Ministry contract I feel it important that we do chart our learning and a blog appears to be a simple way of' doing this.
A short entry such as "today I learned how to log onto the server by........." would enable teachers to look back and
see how far they have come as well as providing evidence of learning (evidence is important in respect to the contract).

I used which was easy to set up and an easy environment in which to work (still exploring capabilities).

Check out my blog of the Learning@Schools Conference and see what you think