Welcome to Our Playground

This is our playground and you are welcome to join in (just request to join).

One thing I have noticed is that Wiki organises pages (in the Navigation panel) down the left hand side in alphabetical order.
So when you create a New Page think about the title!
Looking at how mine has started I would have perhaps used an identifier at the beginning of each title to group pages e.g.

ICT Tools - Blogspot
ICT Tools - Creating Cyber Citizens
ICT Tools - Digital Storytelling

Cluster - 2010 Year Plan
Cluster - Organisation

This would made Navigation a bit easier (you just know that I'm now going to go and see if I can change page names :-)

Yes - you can rename!

I would suggest that that if you add pages perhaps put your name first in the title e.g. Fred - movie making tools, Mary - iMovie
(now I'm thinking of renaming my pages Rodger - ICT Tools - Blogspot)

I have re-organised original posts as Cluster - ..... Rodger - ....... Tools - ......

To do this go to Manage Wiki link on the left - then select pages

This is the aim of the playground - get familiar with what you can do in a safe environment - I've got loads of plasters!

When you learn to do something ( such as insert an image, create a link, etc) it would be great to post so others can have a go.

Have Fun!